Thursday, January 10, 2013

You'll hear me go on and on about the Divine Feminine and all her magical wonder, but I will admit, I do leave the masculine aspect on the sidelines. I acknowledge it but hold the feminine power higher, ever so slightly, subconsciously. ​This is the opposite of the societal views of today. And neither one is right or in line with what we need.

Today at a Goddess Dance ceremony I was a part of, there was a male presence. He joined in the dance and completely embodied the power of the divine feminine. He also brought it a different dynamic, the dynamic of masculine, honoring the feminine. And in turned this brought an energy to each one of the women there, to honor the masculine.

There can't be one without the other.


Within each of us resides the qualities of the masculine and feminine divine. Our genitalia is only an outwardly expression. It helps us to break the barriers between us , to see past our bodies to encompass all of who we are, as individuals, as a community, as a collective. It gives us something to challenge our egos. Once we realize that we are one, the possibilities are endless. 

Mother/father.​ Shadow/light. Fire/water. Hot/cold. 

We hold them all. They are all inside of us. We need the healers and the protectors. We need the wisdom and the emotion. We need the warrior and the warrioress. 

Gods and Goddesses.​

Align and support.​

Katelyn of The Bohemian Collective


  1. Wow. I really like photos in this post! magic,beautiful!

  2. oh yes yes yes.

    have you seen this {free} documentary? you would LOVE it.

  3. Men are needed to create balance. Balance is the essence of life :) Beautiful post.

  4. This is a new concept to me, one I've completely misunderstood for a long time. I grew up with this attitude that our genitalia are the ONLY thing that separates us, period. I am learning how wrong I was and like you said our genitalia is simply our outwardly expression! With learning this I have been able to understand so much more! Lately, I have also been understanding, this balance and growth I need that can only be fed by other feminine power! I think that is what started to open up my eyes about masculinity/femininity and the balances we give each other. Even those who have passed on we can reach to. Oh the connections we can make! Wonderful post and heavenly pictures!!

  5. Finding balance can be so difficult in our society. I am hoping to regulate the two parts of me better in the years to come, as I am only just now even coming into my own feminine divinity. I hope my masculine energy grows to equal it the way it should.

  6. I too have just started the year with the concept of keeping balance in mind. I love you approach on balance regarding femininity.

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