Friday, January 11, 2013

After Katelyn's post yesterday on the balance between masculine and feminine, I saw this video, and it expressed to Me the most beautiful balance of this.  Having Illan's male presence along side Rachel Brice just added a whole new layer to the experience of watching her.  And seeing the feminine come through this amazing male body is a mesmerizing thing to watch.  I so love seeing men embrace this in themselves.  

To kind of echo what Katelyn already said, I have always had this deep understanding of the balance that goes on in this world.  This world can only survive with this balance.  Down to the true realization that all death is followed by a birth of some kind.  Many of these deaths, whether it be a person you loved, or a plant that is going back to the earth in the winter time, we have no say in.  It is just the natural course.  But then there are deaths that we do have influence over.  These are some of the kinds of death I am cultivating in my life right now.  Things I need to allow to be released from my core, laid into the earth to rest, blessed for all of its teachings while it was here, and then allow the seed to grow into a new kind of life.  For example, these can be actual relationships we have that only make us feel heavy, or it can be as simple as an art project that just isnt coming out or an old behavior that we do on auto pilot that needs to be redirected.  

As we cultivate the things we want in our lives for this new year ahead of us, allow yourself to see the things that need to be released.  And let them go.  Truly let them go.  And see where you can give them gratitude.  See why these things were planted in your life to help you or guide you.  Know that what you are releasing is only making room for something so much bigger.  After digging that old plant up, tend the soil before sowing new seeds, and really give light to the kind of seeds you want to plant.  What do you want to be growing in your garden of life come summer?  (I am writing this for myself as much as anyone else.)

Laura of The Bohemian Collective


  1. This is simply a gorgeous work of art.

    Oh and I was informed that in the past people couldn't view my blogger profile. But I've fixed that :)

  2. That video was incredibly beautifull!

  3. This. Thank you for sharing. I find it funny that it resonated with you, this idea of balancing the masculine and feminine, through a dance. I find myself at the ballet always watching the men dancers a bit more intently. The balance they have between grace and strength and control, it's awe inspiring. And man Rachel Brice is just fucking incredible in her own right.

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  5. interesting dance :-) firstr I didn't see the secons person :-D

    xx from germany, Anira
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