meet the artists.

Roots and Feathers is a collection of bohemian trinkets for your body and home designed by Laura Mazurek. The line is full of feathers, earthy colors, modern and geometric elements and one of a kind wall hangings and dream catchers, all with an eclectic boho vibe. The collection grew out of her desire to find her true artist within her again. Beyond just the artwork in her shop alone, she is always inspired to create beautiful imagery to go along with it, which is what sparked creative lookbooks for her collection. This is the seed of where The Bohemian Collective grew from. Her love and passion for beautiful bohemian style mixed with inspiring photography. Laura is the founder and daydreamer behind this vision, The Bohemian Collective.


Skyline Fever is a screenprinted clothing company by James and Laura Mazurek. Laura draws the designs, and James takes over from there. The designs are earthy, bohemian and usually animal inspired. He uses only water based eco-friendly inks, and the shirts used are amazingly soft. This side project has been a fun endeavor for this husband and wife duo.


Katelyn Demidow is the photographer of the Autumn Moon lookbook collection. She is known for her ethereal and conceptual portraits, along with being a natural birth photographer. You will find her online as Gypsy Moth Sol, where she shares pieces of her lifes journey, soul work, and her photography along the way. She is an earth loving mama with an inspired vision through the lens.


Cosmic Bath & Beauty is a small indie handmade bath & beauty care line created by Michelle Adams and Anna Harris. They make everything from herbal lips balms, salt & sugar scrubs and soaps to an all natural line of mineral makeup. All of their products are free of dyes, fillers, chemical preservatives and lathering agents. There is also a vegan section of products. All of the makeup you see throughout our lookbooks are from these lovely ladies.


The Flowerchild Dwelling is a dreamy blog curated by Kelly Ann Mount. A visual feast for any flowerchild at heart. She shares inspiring photography and collections from herself and other artisans, as well as musicians. She has a huge heart for music and passionately creates 'mixtapes' that will stir your soul. She is a fulltime graphic designer with an eye for simplicity mixed with the sweetness of a 70's flowerchild. Whether you are looking for some amazing design work for your blog, or just an inspiring blog to read, this is your girl.


Blowfish Malibu is a youthful, eclectic line of shoes originating from California. Made for the modern girl who does not want to sacrifice comfort for style. The patterns and styles range from bold black and white stripes and bright florals to very earthy bohemian neutrals and native prints. They also have a little bit of every shoe design, from wedges and heals to flats and boots. Truly a shoe line with every kind of girl in mind.


Bird Trouble is a handmade collection of bags and accessories made by Alexz Sandoval. Her bags range from small clutches to large overnight bags. They are all eco-friendly and made from recycled vintage fabrics and leathers. There are also vegan styles to choose from as well. Many of her fabrics have a very southwestern, bohemian vibe to them. Since her fabrics are thrifted and limited, most of the styles are one of a kinds, or in very small collections.


Christi Jay & The Aquarians has a dreamy collection of handmade body adornments made from primarily recycled materials. Her clothing, handbags, jewelry and art all have an earthy, tribal inspired vibe, with touches of southwestern, batik and native prints. You will find lots of fringed leather and macrame style weaving throughout her designs. Truly inspired works for the eclectic bohemian woman to adorn herself with.


Spiral Drift is a collection of handmade one of a kind jewelry pieces by Christina Garcia. Her pieces are all so unique and quite eclectic. She uses primarily leather, stones and and metal. Her pieces have a very earthy, primitive vibe to them. She has recently started incorporating painting on her leather pieces creating very colorful statements. The structure and shapes she uses for the base of her pieces bring in a geometric feel as well. Browsing through her shop is like taking a nice long walk through the woods.

The Gypsies Caravan is a handmade line of primitive bohemian jewelry and body adornments with a gypsies spirit. Her collection includes hand carved wooden hoop gauges, leather hip wraps and bags, and tribal jewelry adorned with bones, quartz and feathers. Her work has a mystical, earth pounding, soul stirring vibe to it.


Harvest Girl is a collection of handmade clothing created by Saquathih Harvest. Her designs are simple, bold, earthy and full of bohemian goodness. Many of her designs feature beautiful dashiki prints that give her work a gorgeous tribal vibe. She has blended comfort, versatility and orginal style perfectly.

Lost Boys & Lovers is a collection of classic and bohemian vintage clothing and accessores, as well as handmade artisan jewelry and body adornments, including reworked vintage leather belts into creative body harnesses, and one of a kind jewelry. She has a great eye for amazing pieces to adorn with.


Gypsy Lane is the cultivation of a lifetime of playfulness and creativity. Fluid motion and changing landscapes have been the inspiration and catalyst for this organically grown collection of hand-forged metals and precious stones. From shimmering chandeliers to hammered bangles and delicate nose rings, this line was created utilizing quality materials and fine craftsmanship. Designs influenced from the edginess of East coast America and the soft Islands of Hawaii and Bali, this collection has something for the gypsy in all of us.

Iconoclasp is a handmade clothing line created by Ashley Trieu. Her collection is full of revamped vintage along with totally one of a kind original designs. It is an eclectic mix of 70's bohemian prints and styles along with 80's glam rock n' roll. Most of her styles can be customized to your size and color preference. My favorite among her collection is her velvet flare bell bottoms.

Jade Stone is a collection of handmade artisan jewelry created by Jade Kale. Her designs have a mystic vibe to them, including crescent moons and crystals. Her worked is hand forged and each piece is one of a kind. Her designs are inspired by the combination of earthy and spiritual elements of this world.


Laurel Hill is a metalsmith jewelry designer. Her creations are all lovingly designed and crafted by her. Her designs are simple, yet bold. Earthy, yet modern. Refined, yet still feel handmade. Each design seems to have a soul of its own. You can see inspirations through her work of the mystic, and the sacred, including totems, talismans and moons. Soulful original creations.

Lune Vintage is a mobile and online vintage and handmade boutique created by Jill Munro. She takes her wears on the road in a 1970's travel trailer she calls 'Eggie' to festivals. She has the most amazing collection of hippie flowerchild vintage finds. Her handmade collection includes one of a kind hand dyed vintage slip dresses and harvest moon fringe tees, and many other truly unique items.

O Bella Organics is a collection of eco-friendly, sustainable clothing and accessories mady by Betsy Vedder. Her line ranges from hemp headwraps to loose and flowy crop tops, vests and tube tops, with many more designs to come. Each piece is hand dyed in the loveliest of earthy and springy shades. All of her work is very earth mama bohemian. Pieces for the natural, urban hippie girl.


Lulu' is an online venue of clothing, shoes and accessories. Started as a mother-daughter dream, it has quickly become a leading go to site for hip fashion. They showcase emerging new designer brands. You can find anything from the perfect little black dress to a vibrant flirty spring fling skirt or tank. They have one of the hottest shoe collections around as well. A little something for every taste, as new things are added to the website every week.


Primal Artistry Hawaii is a collection of masks made by Tonya Kutch. They are full of beautiful detail. Her focus is the animal world, including owls, cats, bunnies and more. Each mask is hand painted and designed, and no two are exactly alike. She also makes some native american tribal inspired jewelry including warrior breastplates and feather earrings. Her shop is a magical wonderland for the fantasy side of your mind.

Raintower is a dark mystical clothing line handmade by Naomi Nowak. Her collection is made from forgotten fabrics that have been redesigned into one of a kind pieces. She hand illustrates the designs onto each garment. Most of her designs are witch and wise-woman inspired. Beyond just her clothing line, Naomi is a painter, illustrator and comic book artist.


Run With The Tribe is a collection of bohemian, free spirited clothing and accessories created by Alana Rose. Her vision is so threaded into her work. Her pieces are created for those of us on this journey, who live a life with conciousness and a yearning to reflect our spirits within, on the outside. You will find elements of feathers, crochet, bamboo hemp clothing and talisman like trinkets with a gypsy tribal vibe.


Spirit Y Sol is a collection of gypsy inspired jewelry and body adornments, including macrame, leather, beadwork and wire wrapping. Her mix of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and headbands include elements of fossils, stones, bone and feathers. They all have an earthy spirited vibe.


Tzunuum is a collection of handmade jewelry and accessories made from recycled and locally sourced materials. Her line is a mix of modern and tribal, with elements of leather, rope and metal. It has bold colors mixed in with earthy and neutral tones, and combines and eclectic mix of textures in each piece. Her pieces are for the soul who is not afraid to make a statement with her body adornments.


Sea of Wild is a jewelry collection made by Kat Shook. She designs big bold statement pieces with a tribal bohemian vibe. Lots of layered feathers, hemp wrapping and earthy beads. Her line ranges from long feathered earrings and hair pieces to one of a kind necklaces. For the girl with a free spirit who is not afraid to stand out.


Sun and Glory is a handmade macrame jewelry and accessory line created by Anne Rocchio. Her many trips to the desert and deep seeded love for native american culture is the roots of her creations. Her inspirations come from 70's traditional macrame, native american adornments and mystic nature. Beyond her jewelry line, she also hand doodles on rocks, paper, wood and glass beautiful tribal inspired designs.