Tuesday, November 13, 2012

After so much anticipation to share this with you loves, I finally present to you, MYSTIC MOON, our 2012 winter collection.  Please play the music along with it if you so desire.  To view full screen, press the play button in the center of the lookbook.  (You must play the music player first though if you want to enjoy that with it).  We would love to hear what you think, so let us know in the comments below when your done!  So much time and love went into this project, and each of the artists you see on the sidebar have done their share to make this baby come to life.  Take a moment to visit our 'Meet The Artists' page to visit everyone's shops and social sites.  You may find some new loves you have not seen before.  Also, we have changed our charity this season to Sevenly.  I love what this company does with their weekly causes, and I think you might too.  The best part is that they support a new charity each week, and all of them are super worthy causes.  Take some time to poke around the blog and see all of the new changes...  In a few days, we will also have a pin page available where you can pin all of the images from our new lookbook, including the ones that were cut!  Enjoy!

Laura and the whole Bohemian Collective team


  1. i love it! it's wonderful!!! thank you all for so much inspiration and beauty! greetings from schneemari (

  2. Lovely collective,
    I dont even know how&where to start here...
    This lookbook you just finished is more than amazing. Its a wonderful piece of art from people who live the nature and do what they love the most by being creative and present theirselves the most beautiful way. The theme "mystic moon" is just perfect and the way you chose colors and matching jewelry couldnt be better said.
    I study fashion design and am working on 3 different collections right now. One is called "autumn bliss" and the moon is a big topic for me aswell. As you've said, the mystic part is the one which catches us...
    Thank you for sharing, really inspiring for everybody! ♥

    Betty from

  3. ITS MAGICAL!!!!!!
    I so wish that I could have sent you some of my moon jewelry in time. But alas, we all have our difficult seasons and I had one of those this summer. The lookbook is stunning Laura <3
    xo Moorea

  4. WOW. First off, you ladies are beautiful. I was astounded at all the gorgeous art; it was a joy to look through your stunning lookbook.
    Catherine Denton

  5. all of you made something completely beautiful. i'm very happy to be here. <3 thank you with all my heart.

  6. This is so incredibly stunning! Lovely work ladies, seriously, so beautiful <3

  7. Wow! What a beautiful collaboration! I love the magical witchy feel you created.

  8. Couldn't be more stoked with the outcome, it looks soooo INCREDIBLE!! Beautiful creations everyone :)

  9. I believe all the hard work has payed off!!! So, so, so beautiful!!!! I can't wait to check out each and every artist page individually because these pieces are stunners!

  10. This is incredible. You captured so many beautiful images with the team, I'm blown away. The work you put into this is very clear. Thank you more than a million Laura.

  11. still mesmerized, love. you all did such an amazing job. this is a true work of art. you should be proud. <3


  12. I can't get over the beauty of it. The culmination of each artist coming together is so beautiful. Laura and Katelyn, you have done such an amazing thing here. Also much love to Kelly Ann for our beautiful space here. Looking forward to great things.