Thursday, August 30, 2012

When I came across these beautiful images by Shaina Hedlund, I felt a whirling in my soul.  There is a raw magical emotive feeling in her work.  A cross between innocent wander and deep womanly knowing.  An abandon of fear of facing our truest nature, our deepest self.  These photos remind me so much of the story I just read in the book, Women Who Run With The Wolves, Skeleton Woman.  Relaying a story about the natural cycle of Life / Death / Life, a cycle of animation, development, decline and death that is always followed by re-animation.  A cycle we not only can see in the big events of our lives, but also in the tiniest of ways, as well as in all of the earth and cosmos around us.  There is an inevitable ebb and flow, life-death cycle to all things living.  Much like a garden.  And with all types of death, there brings room for new life, re-animation. 

Think beyond your typical thoughts of death, as in an actual tangible thing we see with our eyes, but also of the things we cant see, like our behavioral patterns, our daily choices of what must stay and what must go... As well as the natural course that takes place of these cycles in the world around us, we have the choice to also create these cycles, by choosing one way or another.  It is not a thing to be frightened by, but more of a thing to be empowered by.  The more we can become knowing of these cycles in our lives, the more we can understand their place in the world, and the more we can abandon the fear attached to them.  

Its a beautiful thing when an artist creates a work that stirs something within you to reach farther, to dream deeper...

Laura of The Bohemian Collective


  1. these are gorgeous
    indeed there can be no life without death
    the sooner humans embrace this concept the sooner we all live free

    thank you
    love and light

  2. I have always been drawn to skulls and bones, there is a deep silent beauty found in death. My altar is covered in bones and dried roses

  3. I love these...especially the one with the spine tattoo. <3