Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I have a strong early love for double exposures.  Back in high school when we still used film cameras and darkrooms I use to love to play with double exposures.  When I first switched to digital, I immediately figured out how to make them in photoshop as well.  And after so many years, the love for them has not faded.  My friend Melissa from Bubby & Bean did a wonderful tutorial today on her blog that reminded me of my love for it, so I thought Id play around with a few of the images I took for the collective's last lookbook.  If your not sure how, go take a look at her tutorial.  (Only share images with proper credit and linking).

Laura of The Bohemian Collective


  1. These are just gorgeous.

  2. sumptuous and ethereal. these make me feel like i'm dreaming!

  3. These are stunning! You are also stunning! And thank you for linking to my tutorial :). Double exposure is one of my favorite effects since my film camera days too, and it was really fun to share some tips for doing it digitally. xoxo

  4. Love double exposures as well and yours always inspire me. Here's one of mine I'd like to share if you don't mind. <3