Friday, May 18, 2012

Above is an image that didnt make it into the lookbook due to lack of space... I thought Moorea Seal (gypsy crown head piece) and Cosmic Bath and Beauty (makeup) would like to see it, since it features their work.

I want to say thank you so much to everyone who has left such wonderful feedback so far.  There are only a few comments that were left here on the blog, but my facebook was flooded with wonderful words from such sweet people!  Im humbled by all of your generosity towards this project; it means so much to me.  

The central focus of this blog is to bring you seasonal lookbooks with collections of different artists work each season.  As well as, of course, spark a community of giving through our donation page benefiting To Write Love On Her Arms.  (Please know this money goes directly to TWLOHA, not us).  But I cant wait to see where this space will grow to.  I am still in the process of developing content for this space since all my focus lately has gone into just creating the lookbook and blog.  But I would ultimately love for this to be a space you can check back on regularly to find posts that inspire you, either creatively or emotionally.  Sort of a space that shows how many times as artists we use the pain in our lives to fuel the things we create.  Of course not all art is made this way... but Id love to have some focus on how we can create beauty out of some of the hardest things in this world.  (dont worry, this wont be a place of sorrow at all)  I just want to go beyond the 'pretty blog with pretty pictures'...  So, those of you who are joining us from the very beginning, get to watch us expand into whatever we may become!  Im so excited to take this new journey.  
While your visiting the blog, dont forget to listen to the awesome Bohemian Collective playlist at the bottom of the page, and take some time to browse through all of the contributing artists shops and blogs... there are some stellar ladies in this group!!!

Laura of The Bohemian Collective


  1. Amazing project and stunning photography!
    laura you are great and I will donate what i can, i really like the charity you have chosen.


  2. so proud of you, dearest. what an amazing project and collaboration. <3

  3. OH MY GOODNESS!!I absolutely love!!!! I have been looking at head pieces for a while now and I must say this is one of the best I've seen!!!!! you are so beautful! Love what you are doing with this blog! You always inspire!

  4. I'm so excited to watch this blog grow! You are amazingly are all the other wonderful artists here. ♥

  5. wooo hooo.. what a rad spot... :) im so excited! ill be checking this blog everyday. i so love the direction its headed! xo

  6. what a stunning collaboration!
    I look forward to seeing what unfolds here...
    I was brought here by Rain, and am ever grateful

    love and light

    1. lovely to see you here. <3

  7. So, so excited about the journey this little space is going to take and all of the awesome things in store. So proud!

    Lovelovelove to you, lady. xo.

  8. you are truly beautiful! :)

  9. This is an amazing space Laura. This vision of yours is real! !!! !!!!!!!

  10. This is such an exciting space, I cant not wait to see it further and evolve. The fact it also gives back just makes it ideal!


  11. I've been hearing about The Bohemian Collective for a few days now and here I am. It's absolutely a wonderful mission and beautiful space. You ladies should be so, so proud!!!

    P.S. Girl, you are GORGEOUS.

  12. what an absolutely stunning photograph! :)