Saturday, May 26, 2012

Those of you who follow my blog have already seen these images... but for those of you who haven't, I wanted to share a bit on conceptual shoots for your soul.  One of the ways I deal with the deep loss of both of my parents is to create art just for my heart and soul.  My language is through creation, so this is best how I express myself.  One day I was feeling particularly down about my mama, and decided to do a little random series of photographs using elements of earth that were hers.  Things that make me feel truly connected to her.  Each of the items you see me holding below are those things.  I was alone, so I felt unafraid of being watched, which I think is a key element to creating things like this.  I put on some music that reminded me of her, set up my tripod and self timer, and just brought in a sense of wild abandon to what the outcome would be, how I would look, or anything to the respect of the end result.  This freed my mind to just be, and go with the flow.  Allowing myself to be within myself in a safe space like this was definitely a healing experience.  I wanted to bring this photoshoot to your attention in hopes that you might walk away with a bit of inspiration for finding ways to turn your sad days into something healing for your soul.  If you are not a photographer, find other ways through creation, whether its music, writing, anything.  And do it just for you.  Your soul with thank you.  Im learning that sadness is an inevitable part of life.  It goes hand in hand with the light, the yin and yang of life.  But some days, we just have to dig deep within ourselves to find where we can give that sadness a metamorphosis so to speak.  If you have created any art as a healing through your sadness, I would love to see it, please leave a link here in the comments so I can see it!  Or if this post inspires you to do so, and you would like to share with me, please come back and comment when you are done. 
you can view the rest of this photoshoot here.

Laura of The Bohemian Collective


  1. Laura, these photos are so deeply beautiful. I really love and appreciate the inspiration behind them - I have definitely been inspired!


  2. this is a beautiful self expression
    the imagery is full of emotions....I love that

    love and light

  3. I love these images, they are so beautiful laura!


  4. great photos. love them all
    Interesting blog, I really enjoyed browsing it :)

    XX JUNO ♥

  5. Laura,
    I totally, totally get what you are saying and I am so glad you shared this. Over a year ago, I witnessed one of the worst tragedies of my life - the Joplin, Missouri tornado - and photography - one of my great passions - helped me process my grief, my anger, and the sometimes overwhelming hopelessness I felt. I'm not sure that everyone understood it or why I decided to take pictures of the travesty that had occurred. I was torn about what to do, but looking back, I'm so glad I set aside time one evening, took a walk, and took the pictures I did.
    As you'll see, a friend of mine asked me to take pictures of what was left of her home. It was brutally emotional, but so important for both of us. What you see in those images is literally all she had left.
    Thank you for sharing this and thank you for being so honest with the online community. I admire your willingness to share so that others might find their voice.



    1. Ashley,

      Thank you so much for sharing your photography story with me. Your photos are so good. I think its a wonderful thing that you captured these moments, especially for your friend. As hard as they are, its a part of the history of your life, and real moments like these are humbling to look back on. When my mom was really sick towards the end I took a few photos of her hands and things, which looked like an old woman even though she was only 52, but her cancer took that away from her. As hard as these images are for me to see at times, Im so glad I took them now that she is gone. I still see so much beauty in them, even though they were almost unrecognizable.

      I cant imagine living through a tragedy like joplin. or any other worldly nature disaster. It must be so very scary. Im glad your friend made it through, even though the aftermath must of been so hard.

      Thank you for sharing!


  6. loving these photos. so ethereal and gorgeous.